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Stock Cables

Concept Cables does not stock finished product and generally manufactures against customer orders: However, due to flexibility at providing short, specific lengths to meet customers' requirements, it is not uncommon to have extra lengths and over-runs.

You will find these detailed below and the list will be constantly updated. If any of these cables are of interest to you, please email or phone the office +44 (0) 1258 480 603 for a quotation and to confirm availability.

Our extensive range of Decorative Lighting Cables are always available from stock. Please contact the office with your requirements.
The stock range of Medusa Harsh Environment cables are currently under development and will be available soon.

 To download stock cable data sheets: 
 Simply click green 'download' button, register with website - you will then be able to return and download any data sheet at any time, when logged in.


12 x 22AWG Cores Overall foil screen PU Jacket O/D 8.60mm
Available length  50 metres

5 x 22AWG Screened 12 x 22AWG Screened PU Bedding Aramid Strength Braid PU Jacket O/D 11.50mm
Available length  40 metres

32 x 0.50mm² Cores 16 x UTP Overall Foil Screen PU Jacket O/D 20.50mm
Available length 125 metres

Armoured Cat6 Data Cable PU Bedding Galvanized Steel Wire Braid PU Jacket O/D 11.00mm
Available length  78 metres

2 x 20AWG Cores 1 x 26AWG STT Steel Strength Member PU Jacket O/D 8.50mm
Available length  400 metres

4 x 16.00mm² Cores Central Strength Member PU Jacket O/D 32.00mm
Available length  18 metres

14 x 16AWG PU Bedding Stainless Steel Braided Armour PU Jacket O/D 10.70mm
Available Length  68 metres

4 x 16.00mm² Cores Foil and Braid Double Screen PU Jacket O/D 22.50mm
Available Length  15 metres

Cat5e Data Cable 2 x 20AWG PTFE Cores 10 x 24AWG UTP 20 x 24AWG Cores Double Braid Screen PU Jacket O/D 17.50mm
Available Length  134 metres

1 x 75Ω Coax 2 x 26AWG Cores 1 x 30AWG UTP Braided Strength Member PU Jacket O/D 4.95mm
Available Length  985 metres

5 x 0.24mm² Screened Jacketed Triads. Overall Screen, PU Jacket O/D 16.80mm
Available Length  30 metres


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